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How It Works

Extraordinary travel experiences are at your
fingertips with Designer Journeys

1. Explore

Every trip starts differently and Designer Journeys is here to guide through the process to design your extraordinary trip. Take the first step by exploring our gallery of 2,000+ itineraries or telling us exactly where you want to go and what you want to do and we’ll build it exactly for you.

2. Design

Work with your expert local travel designer to design or customise your itinerary so it is exactly what you want from your extraordinary trip. Our local designers will give you access to exclusive experiences, restaurants, hotels and more as well as helping you avoid pitfalls, to ensure your trip is incredible.

3. Book

With the comfort of knowing your local designer will be there for you every step of the way you can experience your extraordinary trip with confidence. Our purpose is to make sure your trip is extraordinary.

Still Have Questions?

Here we've answered the most commonly asked questions that travellers like you asked before designing their trip with Designer Journeys!

Why Should I Book My Trip with Designer Journeys?

We know that one of the most exciting parts of a trip is planning it. That’s why we connect you directly to the experts, our in-destination locals, who know their country better than anyone else. Simply let us know what you’re looking for, in however much detail you like, and we’ll work with you and our Local Designers to deliver your perfect trip. By choosing to design your trip with Designer Journeys, you remove the complexities of booking different elements of your trip with a myriad of providers and the result is an extraordinary travel experience!

Who are Designer Journeys’ Local Designers?

Designer Journeys’ global network of Local Designers are hand-selected, deeply knowledgeable local travel experts that deliver unique experiences and on-the-ground support for travellers. Our Local Designers are made up of in-destination inbound travel agents, tour operators, destination management teams and accommodation providers that build custom travel experiences and curated travel packages with their local knowledge and destination insight. All of Designer Journeys’ Local Designers complete an intensive selection process to ensure they are reliable, vetted, trustworthy and deliver quality travel experiences every time.

How Do You Screen Your Local Designers?

To become a Designer Journeys Local Designer, applicants go through a rigorous selection process to ensure they are reliable, vetted, trustworthy and can deliver unique experiences. Only when they have passed this process, provided strong evidence of positive traveller feedback and necessary accreditations do they become a Local Designer.

What Trips Can I Book With Designer Journeys?

With a gallery of almost 2,000 customisable trips across 73 countries worldwide, Designer Journeys is committed to designing, building, and delivering extraordinary travel experiences that are customised to you. Wherever you’re looking to travel, however you want to travel, whatever you’d like to do, whoever you’re travelling with, and for whatever reason; our team will work with you and our expert Local Designers to design your custom trip. By choosing Designer Journeys, you’ll open your world to exploring in extraordinary ways with unique activities and local experiences. Head to our trip gallery to begin your Designer Journey!

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Wherever you're looking to travel, our Local Designers will design an extraordinary travel experience completely tailored to you. Begin your journey by exploring our gallery today!

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