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Private Group Tours: Your Vision, Our Expertise, Endless Possibilities. Start Designing Now!

Private Group Tours: Tailor Made Journeys for You and Your Clients

Welcome to Private Group Tours by Designer Journeys, a unique offering exclusively designed for busy travel agents who would like help designing private group tours for their clients.

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Our Network of Local Designers

258+ designers

Our Network of Local Designers

Extraordinary Experiences Await

73 countries

Extraordinary Experiences Await

Satisfaction Rating


Satisfaction Rating

Unforgettable group tours to any of our 75 amazing destinations, ready to be advertised to your clients.

The Designer Journeys Difference

Here’s what Designer Journeys has to offer

Access a World of Extraordinary Experiences

Access a World of Extraordinary Experiences

We offer access to thousands of unique experiences - that can only be accessed by those with deep local knowledge.

Your Vision, our Expertise:<br/> the Perfect Tour

Your Vision, our Expertise:
the Perfect Tour

With our Private Group Tours, you can provide the ideas and we'll provide the expertise to create the perfect tour for your clients.

Travel with Confidence,<br/> Every Step of the Way

Travel with Confidence,
Every Step of the Way

We are industry accredited, provide complete financial protection, and offer unparalleled in-country support from our local designers.

Benefits of using Designer Journeys to
Create your Private Group Tour

Discover the Advantages of choosing Designer Journeys for your Private Group Tour.

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Tailor-Made Group Experiences

Designer Journeys specializes in creating tailor-made group experiences that cater to the specific interests and needs of your clients, no matter how unique they may be.


Optional Included
Host Places

We appreciate that travel agents may want to accompany their clients on the trip. We offer the option for travel agents to act as tour hosts and can include this in the price.


In-destination support
for your clients

Local Designers offer personalized in-destination support throughout your clients' Private Group Trip, helping them to make the most of their experience and ensuring they have a seamless journey.


Competitive Pricing
and Value

Designer Journeys is committed to offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We leverage our extensive network of trusted suppliers and partners to provide exceptional value for our private group tours.


Global network of
trusted Local Designers

Our network of over 250 Local Designers across 75 countries have extensive knowledge of their respective destinations and can help you create itineraries that are tailored to your clients' specific interests.


Net Pricing and
Flexible Margin

Designer Journeys enables travel agents to have full control over pricing the trip for their clients. This flexibility ensures agents can set competitive prices based on their market analysis, target audience, and desired profit margins.


How it works

Here’s what Designer Journeys has to offer


Discover and Explore

Explore our gallery of inspiring itineraries or share preferences to find the perfect trip for your clients' next adventure.


Submit an Enquiry

Submit an enquiry through our dedicated form, providing details like group size, departure month, suggested itineraries, and budgets.


Collaborate and Customise

Partner with our Travel Concierge and local designers to customise the itinerary, creating a unique and memorable journey aligned with your vision.


Market and Sell

Market your private group tour with the finalized itinerary featuring your branding, and let us know if you need any extra marketing materials.

4 simple steps to bring your travel plans to life.

Contact Us for Personalised Guidance

Contact our dedicated team to create unforgettable travel experiences for your clients.

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See What our Travellers Have to Say

At Designer Journeys, we know that we all travel differently. That's why you decide where you travel, how you travel and your travel experiences when you design your trip with us.


More than 861 satisfied customers


Frequently asked questions

Got questions about Designer Journeys' Private Group Tours? We're here and more than happy to assist you!

What do you need from me to start designing a Private Group Tour?


To start designing a Private Group Tour, we need as much detail as possible through the enquiry form. Please provide us with the estimated group size, preferred departure month, budget guidelines, any special requirements, and, if available, sample itineraries or links to preferred tours. This information allows us to create a tailored itinerary that aligns with your group's needs, preferences, and required experience. The more detail you can provide in the initial enquiry, the better, and quicker, we can start designing the best trip for you!

What's my role in tour creation?


Your role involves sharing your clients' preferences, activities, and group size. We handle all the planning, logistics, and itinerary design.

Can you manage larger groups?


Certainly. We're equipped to manage groups of varying sizes, whether it's a small intimate gathering or a large group of 20+

Why choose Designer Journeys partnership


We offer secure, competitively priced, flexible travel solutions with local support and opportunities for personal escort throughout the tour.

How do I start tour planning?


Start by filling our enquiry form detailing group size, departure month, proposed itineraries, and budgets. We'll handle the rest.


Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’ve been looking for? Talk to our friendly support team!

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